Athlete Strength & Conditioning

Athlete Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches will develop an individual program to suit YOU.

You don’t need to be an athlete to train like one! Our strength and conditioning sessions cater for all levels and abilities.

And the best part….it’s all included in your membership with us at no extra cost! 

Athlete and Individual Programs are delivered to our clients on our user friendly iPad system. Junior athletes also have the opportunity to join in on specific group sessions (green on the timetable) each week.  All programs are designed by Head Coach Hayley Ohl with the needs of the client the focus. With video demonstrations, exercise tips AND a real Coach providing guidance and feedback….you simply can’t go wrong!

Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches have two primary goals for our clients;-
  • The first is to improve athletic performance. We want to improve speed, strength and power. This will include teaching proper training techniques, supervising and motivating as clients work through the program, and assessing their performance during the program.
  • The second primary goal is to reduce injuries. We will also educate on the importance of an appropriate warm up, muscle activation and mobility exercises, cool down and the importance of nutrition in relation to performance and recovery

If you are a junior or senior athlete or simply want to improve your level of health and fitness, then contact Hayley and her team or 0421 913 763