Jump Start KIDS

Jump Start KIDS

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JS KIDS | 3 – 5 years

For our youngest group, activities are multi-activity/skill based using a variety of fun games and activities, promoting general skill development of fundamental movement skills that allows the parent/carer to participate in the class with their child.

Designed to have fun, socialise and develop fundamental movement skills through active play.


JS KIDS | Prep  – 7 years, 8-10 years

For the older aged children, activities concentrate on developing children’s agility, balance, coordination and strength in a fun environment. By teaching skills guided by individual ability, we are able to build healthy, happy kids with good self-esteem and a positive attitude toward physical exercise for life.



Each class involves up-tempo music, fast moving games, which are full of opportunities to refine running, throwing and jumping skills – the skills essential for everyday play and sports!

  • Enhance listening skills
  • Reaction and alertness
  • Develop spatial and body awareness
  • Build confidence
  • Motor memory
  • Develop fitness
  • Foster co-operation, fair play and social interactions
  • Nurture a healthy happy habit and attitude in young children that which will carry over into active teenagers and active adults.

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KATE BROWN 0417 782 158