About Us

Health and fitness is the foundation for the quality of our life.  A healthy, active and purposeful life leads to a greater ability to negotiate what ever obstacles life throws at us!  It’s that inner STRONG which is the spirit behind the our name. Being STRONG,  feeling STRONG and living STRONG is what JumpStart Fitness Studio is all about!

At JumpStart Fitness our Coaches are ready to help you FIND YOUR STRONG! We aim to improve the health profile of our clients and athletes through effective exercise prescription,  and intelligent nutritional advice. Our coaches are highly qualified, experienced industry professionals and are dedicated to our clients – our JS Crew.

The core of the JumpStart Fitness experience can be found in our Group Sessions. We sweat together, we laugh together, we encourage each other, and we all get stronger because of it. And no two classes are alike, so our JS Crew are always challenged and engaged.

Join us for one of our Strength, HIIT, Boxing, TRX, Yoga, Bootcamp or High Intensity Strength Training classes today – Your first class is always free!JumpStart Fitness Strength & Conditioning Coaches develop individual, team and group programs for junior and senior athletes. We liase with sport coaches, physiotherapists, clubs and associations to give our athletes the best possible chance at reaching their sporting goals. Wether it’s local, state or national,  our focus is to develop athletes that are stable, strong and injury free.

Is it time you found your STRONG?

Drop into our private Studio at 13 Hill Street or contact us on 0421 913 763.

It’s never too late to improve the quality of your life!

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